Business Fitness Check

Project sequences

sequencesThe Business Fitness Check («BFC») identifies existing optimization potential of an organization. As a result of the identified potential a detailed concept listing the defined goals and the related necessary initiatives is being prepared. maida consulting assumes project management for the implementation of the initiatives or assumes a coaching function, as requested by the customer.  Approximately six months after finishing the project a performance review which identifies possible corrective actions or new initiatives will be conducted (“feedback loop”).

Content BFC

contentThe Business Fitness Check contains the analyzes of all departments of a company. On one hand the organization, its processes and systems are being screened, otherwise the strategy, planning processes and existing controlling tools are being evaluated. Further important factors being analyses are the innovation cycle, the supply chain,  customer focus and allocation of resources. The partners of maida consulting are used to deal with limited data transparency while preparing meaningful analyses.

Approach BFC


The Business Fitness Check shows improvement potentials systematically by the previously determined topics of a company, and is the basis for preparing a detailled concept for earnings and efficiency improvement initiatives. A structured visualisation of the findings out of the Business Fitness Check will provide a useful overview and allows to focus on the most important potentials to determine further actions.

«The secret of success lies in the consistancy of the objective»
Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)