Consulting Services:

maida consulting focuses on growth as well as efficiency and profitability improvement projects. The systematic Business Fitness Check provides an overview of the current situation and reveals improvement potentials within a short period of time. Based on identified potentials a detailed concept is being prepared listing required immediate measures as well as improvement initiatives. maida consulting takes over project management or just a coaching function, whatever customer preference may be. A performance review, which reveals corrective actions or additional improvement initiatives, takes place approximately six months after completion of a project (“feedback loop”).


  • We support our customers in preparing or reviewing critically their corporate strategy
  • We develop a concept for corporate planning and controlling in line with corporate strategy. This includes establishing financial, operational and strategic Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and a corresponding Management Information System (MIS / Management Cockpit)
  • We develop optimization concepts for all areas of a company (organization, production, logistics, innovation, products / product range, processes, use of funds)


Taking on executive management responsibility:

As executives with long-time joint experience in the functions of CEO and CFO the partners of maida consulting are well prepared to take over executive management responsibilities temporarily, mainly for restructuring, turnaround, company realignment or internationalization projects. As an experienced goal oriented executive team they may take on overall responsibility for entrepreneurial challenges within a short introduction period.

"Experience and team work are the basis for our success"
Daniel Maissen