maida consulting is a solution oriented consulting firm focusing on business excellence. The partners of maida consulting combine more then 50 years of “hands-on” management and turnaround experience in Swiss SME as well as international companies. Their longtime joint function as CEO and CFO lead to a fast and efficient identification and implementation of entrepreneurial challenges.

Following some highlights out of projects realized by the partners of maida consulting:

  • Processes optimization leads to an efficiency improvement of over 10%
  • Rigorous overhead expense management leads to cost reductions of over 15%
  • Deliberate net working capital management leads to reduction of total assets of over 10%
  • Implementation of an integrated supply chain managements leads to doubling stock turnover
  • Expanding product and service range for existing distribution channels and internationalization of business model lead to more than double inventory turns
  • Implementation of a systematic innovation management results in a significant reduction of the innovation cycle
  • Implementation of an integrated MIS as well as cost accounting and deviation analysis of production orders result in improved transparency to optimize management control

The incurred project cost could be compensated with achieved efficiency and profitability enhancements within less than one year.

"When you realize that your goal is still far away,
start to reach out for it."